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  • How do I clean OKIEZ shoes?
    Clean your OKIEZ shoes with a damp cloth. Use only water – no chemicals. Cleaning products will fade the pictures on your shoes.
  • What are OKIEZ shoes made of?
    OKIEZ shoes have a leather upper and a rubber sole.
  • Where are OKIEZ shoes made?
    OKIEZ shoes are hand-made in China. We chose our specific manufacturer after interviewing and seeing samples from many candidates. Our manufacturer produced excellent quality, but also adhered to workplace safety standards, used no child-labor of course, and met international work-rule standards.
  • Can OKIEZ products be ship out of USA?
    OKIEZ will ship to all of North America, Central America, South America, Europe and most of Asia. Additional shipping fees apply to product shipped outside of the continental US
  • What is the warranty on OKIEZ products? Can I return them?
    Click here to read about our Return and Exchange Policy (


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