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Even with technology all around us, many of our children lack the important social soft skills that make our communities strong. OKIEZ products help children by motivating and teaching them to dress themselves. But OKIEZ also helps children to develop their emotional intelligence and social soft skills.  For every purchase of $40 or more, a child in need will receive a donation from your child, together with a letter or drawing made by your child. Once the child in need receives the donation, he or she will respond with a thank you letter or drawing which we will send back to your child. This way, both children will connect to each other. Your child will learn from a young age the value and joy of helping others - and another child will improve their social soft skills of communication and connection. 

We will include a pre-paid envelope with your order for you to return your child’s letter or drawing back to us.

Join the OKIEZ cause!

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