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Okiez, Inc. is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and retail and wholesale sale of unique children’s apparel that support smart, happy kids with everyday learning.

Kids learn and build self-confidence and esteem while wearing shoes and clothes that are comfortable, safe, stylish and durable.

Our shoes are designed so your child can start learning right from left in a fun way.


"I am a mom, and I started Okiez with and for my daughter. The idea came when I saw my daughter struggling to put on her shoes correctly. To a child, a left shoe looks just like a right shoe! I had the idea to design a pair of shoes that she could immediately know the left from the right. It worked!

My daughter is now growing up, and learning new things, but I still want to share my design and my shoes with other families.

My shoes and my company do what I believe - that we want all children to be creative, imaginative, curious, brave, smart and happy."

~Liz Cooley

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